Career Launch gives you a “launch pad,” or solid foundation, of training for your new job or career. Career Launch focuses on “soft,” or “people,” skills, beginning with you! Your self-esteem, positive attitude and dependability are absolutely necessary for you to get and keep a job in today’s workforce. Plus, you’ll learn how to better manage the ways you handle the stresses and changes in your life, and also how to communicate with others more effectively as a positive team player.


The online Career Launch program is divided into two levels of training.

Level One covers your Personal Development and includes topics like “Self-Esteem,” “Communication Skills” and “Balancing Work and Life,” as well as “Personal Finance” and “Nutrition for the Workplace.”

Level Two deals with your Professional Development and focuses more directly on specific workplace topics. You’ll learn about skills such as “Continuous Quality Improvement,” “Customer Service” and “Personality Types,” as well as “Handling Conflict” and “Teamwork.”

The cost of the program is $25


If you have gone through intake at the WorkForce Center, have enrolled as a client and been assigned a Career Planner, you might be eligible for a scholarship to take this online Career Launch program. Ask your Career Planner for details, if you are interested in this online option.


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